Upcoming Event: IPPE 2024

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Headed to IPPE 2024? Stop and visit members of our team at the Expo, we look forward to connecting with you there and sharing updates on our research. The International Production and Processing Expo includes three days of innovations and 80 hours of education, with over 30,000 attendees. Visit their website for more information and a site map on how to locate our team members.

Team Receives Grant to Enhance Microbial Safety & Production

rooster in a poultry unitAn interdisciplinary team, including several members of the SAS Poultry Project, received $3.34 million from USDA-NIFA for a project, Enhancing Microbial Safety and Production Efficiency in Organic Poultry Farming: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Innovative Strategies. Dr. Abhi Upadhyay of UConn is the principal investigator.

Organic poultry farming is an increasingly popular and sustainable method of poultry production that prioritizes animal welfare, environmental protection, and product quality. Despite its potential benefits and rapid growth, organic poultry farming faces several challenges, including disease management, feed availability, efficiency, food safety, and marketing. This multi-regional, multi-institutional, and multidisciplinary proposal aims to develop evidence-based recommendations for improving organic poultry farming practices, focusing on four broad research areas namely (1) microbial safety, (2) gut health and production efficiency (3) product quality, and (4) consumer perception including cost. Project results will be disseminated to scientific groups, the community, organic poultry producers, and stakeholders through conferences, workshops, social media, and webinars. Moreover, instructional material and an online certificate program will be developed to train the next generation of the workforce in organic poultry production and share the findings of the project after the life of the grant. The program staff consists of a combination of young, mid-career, and senior scientists with expertise in poultry production, poultry microbiology, poultry nutrition, poultry economics, poultry processing, product quality, turkey production, food safety, and extension. Taken together, the integrated research, extension, and education activities will improve the sustainability and viability of organic poultry production to meet the food security challenges in the USA and globally.

This new USDA-NIFA grant builds off and augments the work of the Sustainable Poultry project and will lead to stronger outcomes on several of its goals and objectives for the industry.

Microbiologist develops improved technology for poultry food safety

One Friday evening in the spring of 2019, Abhi Upadhyay, assistant professor of food microbiology and safety in the Department of Animal Science, found himself watching a video showing microbubbles for pet care and grooming. He started thinking about using this technology for food safety and spent the weekend researching its potential, current state of … Read More

Microbiologist develops improved technology for poultry food safety

UConn Researcher to Lead New Sustainable Poultry Production Project

Kumar Venkinanarayanan speaking at event at UConn
(Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

The United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) has announced a competitive award of $10 million to a project led by Kumar Venkitanarayanan, UConn College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education and Professor of Animal Science. The USDA-NIFA funded project is aimed at developing an integrated and sustainable program for enhancing the viability of antibiotic-restricted broiler production in the poultry industry. Read more.

Microbiologist develops improved technology for poultry food safety